This is a collection of tools for and around the Mechwarrior Online game.

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Waddes Beginners Guide to MW:O

A very useful read not only for the rookie pilot, but for the experienced pilot as well.

My goal with this guide was to write a broad compendium with the purpose of covering as many features of the game as possible and applying my personal experience with the game to them. Since June 2012, I have played more than 1000 games in the closed beta period and a further 2100 in open beta (as of March 2013).

English version (Forum)

Deutsche Version (Forum)

Official Repair Tool

If your crashes frequently it might be that at least one or more of your game files is corrupt.

PGI has released an official tool that will eventually help.

The MW:O Repair Tool simply scans your install base for files that are invalid, corrupt, or out of place. If a file is found to be corrupt or invalid (for whatever reason) is re-downloaded and placed in the proper location. If a file is found in the install base which shouldn't be there, it is deleted. Additionally, the repair tool can be set to wipe out the shader cache, which will just be re-generated the next time the game is run. This is to ensure that everyone's shader cache doesn't contain any old or obsolete shaders that may cause graphical issues.


SweetFX can significantly improve your graphical appearance.

For more refer to the forum discussion.

Fire Control

Controversial but apparantly allowed: Dakka-Dakka macros. FireControl is a flexible solution that requires no special hardware.

ADHD Main Tab

Download here or refer to the forum discussion.

The sourcecode is available.

Serverstatus Monitor

This little tool lets you monitor the state of Mecharrior Online servers. It sits in the system tray when minimized and uses tray notifications (those little bubbles) to inform you about changes of the state of the MWO game servers.

The footprint of the monitor in terms of memory usage, cpu usage and used bandwith is negligible, so you can put it into your autostart, and thus be always informed.

Alternatively just start it manually at Patchday and be the first to know when the servers are back on.


Download here.

The sourcecode is available.

MW:O Drop Planner

This is an online demo for the Mechwarrior Online drop planner. It's a useful web-based all-you-need-is-a-browser tool to organize drops for cooperated play, be it in 4- or 12-pilot groups.

It basically works like this. Someone, usually the drop-leader (let's assume that's you), will start a new drop by entering a callsign and land on the roster page. From there you can access the link with the drop-ID and share it with your friends via whatever channel you use.

When they open the link they will end in the same roster as you.

Check it out.

Launch Accellerator

If you are tired of having to click trough the nagging screens and authenticate everytime you start the game MW:O Autolaunch might be helpful for you.

The sourcecode is available.


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